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SmallGyfts can increase your sales, enhance your reputation in the community and boost word of mouth marketing without increasing your costs.

How it works
  1. Offer SmallGyfts giftcards to your customers.
  2. Customers earn giftcards based on their purchase, you set the minimum.
  3. Giftcards are a fixed charitable donation.
  4. Give one or more cards to customers based on how much they spend.
  5. Customers can...
    • Scan the cards to donate it to their favorite charities.
    • Give the cards directly to a charity so they can redeem it themselves.
    • Give the cards to friends as a referral to your business.

Why this enhances your reputation
  1. You get credit for each dollar donated to each of your customers' charities.
  2. The App shows all the charities you support and how much you've donated
  3. This is a great public relationship builder.
  4. Potential for free media exposure.
  5. Makes your customers feel even better about buying from you.

How this boost word of mouth marketing and increases your sales
  1. Customers give SmallGyfts giftcards to their friends to encourage them to buy from you.
  2. Charities will encourage their supporters to buy from you so they can earn additional donations.
  3. Media exposure will attract new customers.
  4. Get listed as a "Giver" in the app to attract community minded shoppers looking for ways to help their charities.
  5. Gain insight into who are your loyal customers and what they care about.

Attract customers without increasing your marketing costs
  1. Redirect some of your existing marketing budget to fund this program rather than increasing spend.
  2. System tracks every dollar given for accounting and year end tax credits.
  3. Opportunity to gain new customers from the referrals given by your existing customers.
  4. Leverage the program to complement other marketing campaigns.
  5. Tie your donations to sales - the more people buy the more you donate.
  6. Redirect solicitors seeking donations to this program as the way you give back.

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